In many ways, most of my adult life has been a love affair with movement and how the human form embodies motion in a variety of mediums; now that I am a bit older and wiser, I am also just as curious about the ways we embody "stillness".  While studying contemporary dance and plant biology (with a focus on traditional uses of plants as medicine) in college, I found myself drawn repeatedly to the rhythm and dance of hip hop and house music.  After graduating, I felt called to Philadelphia where I studied with many originators of street dance and focused my energy solely on this art form and culture, dancing with various companies and choreographing my own works.  I quickly learned that overextending the limits of my body and not having the proper tools for self-care led to serious back pain and I was forced to stop dancing.  In 2004, I began studying and practicing yoga asana as it applied structurally, energetically, and therapeutically to the body and within months I was able to manage and eventually eliminate my pain through various yoga practices..  My career in yoga began in 2005 and has taken me from the dance floor to the mat to managing many sizes and styles of studios, and then back to the mat, the dance floor, and now the cushion.  Over time, I have found clear comparisons and connections in these different elements and practices and continue to be intrigued and inspired by the function, form, health and spirit of human movement and the ethical and intellectual practices that lay the groundwork for clear seeing and understanding.  Breakti® was born out of my desire to share this connection with others and to inspire fearlessness and play in practice.  I have taught Breakti® nationally and internationally, and have worked diligently to create safe and open ground for student exploration in asana and movement as a whole.  I continue to develop the Breakti® practice and aspire to bring this challenging, empowering and therapeutic teaching to all walks of life through educating other teachers in the method.

My goal overall as a teacher is to share and explore the archetypes that connect individuals to a greater vision, to create a safe and open space for practice and self-study in movement and meditation, and to lay a groundwork of discipline and compassion so that others may witness their own awakened nature more fully through these practices.  

Prior and Current Studies include:

  • BFA in Dance Choreography and Pedagogy
  • Over 150 hours in Therapeutic and Restorative Yoga
  • Over 500 hours in Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Anusara, and other styles of Hatha Yoga
  • Over 200 hours Meditation and Buddhist Studies with Shambhala, Goenka's Vippassana, and a 2013 graduate of the yearlong Buddhist Studies and Teacher Training Immersion at the Interdependence Project with Shastri Ethan Nichtern.
  • Studies with top teachers including Raphael Xavier (somatics and Breaking), Gabriel Halpern (Iyengar and Therapeutics), Laurel Hodory (Ashtanga and Anusara), Schuyler Grant (Vinyasa, Kula Flow), Doug Keller (Therapeutics), Jillian Pransky (Restorative, Therapeutic Applications), Carrie Owerko (Iyengar), Nevine Michaan (Katonah Yoga), and John Friend (Ansuara and Therapeutics).  
  • Dance Instructors and inspirations include d. Sabela Grimes (Funk styles and West Coast), Don Campbelllock (Founder of Locking), Sugar Pop, Poppin Pete and Boogaloo Sam/Electric Boogaloos (Popping, Boogaloo), Crazy Legs/Rock Steady Crew (Breaking), Moncell Durden, Cricket and Terry Wright (House), and Rennie Harris (founder of Rennie Harris Puremovement).
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